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The next class will take place in France

March 28 and 29, 2023

Association space

valff , Alsace, France

Information by email click here

Tel: +1 224-575 4060 USA (WhatsApp)
Messenger (Alexia Rosfelder) or Instagram

Download the registration form here
and the material sheet here

For classes in the USA
contact me here


Quilting Main selon Esther Miller

Entirely dedicated to quilting in its purest tradition,

this 2 day class constitutes an excellent basis for those who wish to get started in hand quilting with suitable and quality material.

For all levels.

You just need to be willing to learn new gestures.

Quilting on a frame frees both hands and gives the possibility of making stitches in all directions without moving the quilt.

For this you will learn to quilt with the thumb.

You will learn the ancestral gestures from the Amish tradition that I learned with Esther Miller.

You will use modern and ergonomic tools used by Esther Miller, because after all amish people always negotiate with modernity!

Your fingers and joints are protected, your stitches become smaller and more regular. With practice comes dexterity.

The process of learning takes place gradually in a friendly atmosphere, every one advances at their own pace while making the material their own.

During the class you work on a frame whose sandwich is already mounted and the pattern drawn.

At the end of the course you will know how to build your frame easily and inexpensively.

At home it is possible to quilt on a standing hoop.

Order here all the necessary equipment for the class

2 Day Class

Tea, coffee, cookies

A question? Contact me!


A.Rosfelder Quilting
A.Rosfelder Quilting
A.Rosfelder Quilting
A.Rosfelder Quilting

Merci ! Message envoyé.

Quilting Amish Alexia Rosfelder
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